Stopping "Tips & Tricks" from displaying

On Mac, version 2.5.1 - with the bad version of the JRE - there is no sort of UI element on the "Tips & Tricks" dialog which displays at launch similar to "Don't show this at startup". Given that i can find no other preference for this sort of thing with KNIME, i have to click-dismiss this dialog everytime KNIME launches.


Is there a way to stop this?



We at AG totally believe in and are committed to open source. We've made it so open source that we don't even know who most of the people are that are using the software, and that is turning into a challenge. The new window at start up is our way of making sure that when we absolutely HAVE to get a message to all the open source users, we can. That makes sense for everyone. To keep it from being just a pain, we've included the tips and tricks feature - most users find it useful or at least not a problem. Some have started sending us their own tips and tricks to include and share with others - we have a great KNIME community!

For customers who license the professional KNIME products, communication is not a problem since we are in contact by name with each and every one of them. So communication via Tips and Tricks can be turned off. It is the ONLY thing we ask of people using the open source. If it bothers you extremely, then let us know and we will let you know how to turn it off. But please realize, it is the only way for us to communicate occasionally with the entire community, and you will no longer be a part of that.

How should i contact you off-forum? (I write nodes and views for KNIME, so i'm quitting and launching KNIME quite frequently in the process of development... )

I'll contact you with a private message.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've been wondering the same thing for the same reasons as quaeler.

Could you please contact me with the information I need to disable the Tips and Tricks box?

The biggest problem with the popup window is that it is always on top and locks the GUI until it's closed. It wouldn't be half as annoying if it poped up at the begining but didn't actually need to be closed before you could do anything. I understant the reasons for having a public announcment system, but there must be other options that strike a better balance. 


You should have the solution in your mailbox by now. Hope that helps!

Can you please tell how to stop tips and tricks window during startup.

Can you please tell how to stop/start tips and tricks window during startup.

Can you please tell me how to stop the tips and tricks startup window?

How can one enable Tips and Tricks?

Version : Knime 2.7.4

OS : Windows 2007

Perhaps have different levels of "tips and trick"; with simple advice able to be switched off, but urgent messages not - similar to the log levels concept?


I'm also interested in disabling Tips&Tricks alert box.


I still have not received any information regarding my original post from 4/1/2014.

Hey fellows,

I would also like to disable Tips & Tricks / welcome page. I will appreciate if you can send me the details.


Hello @mateenraj,

seems not possible:


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