Storing "Document" data types in PostgresSQL

Can “Document” data types be written into a PostgreSQL database?

Hi @gcarmich,

unfortunately it is not really possible to write documents to a PostgreSQL DB. They can be written to DB, but all what is being stored is the document’s title. So you would need to extract the meta information beforehand to safe all information. Additional information from enrichment, again, would not be stored.


Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt

Is this true of saving the Document data type to databases more generally? Is there some way that an enriched document could be saved as a binary object or BLOB, for instance? Or is there some way to extract the XML or whatever code constitutes the document? It would be nice if KNIME’s document format was a bit more transparent and interoperable.


Hi @AngusVeitch1,
that indeed would be the most suitable workaround: Saving the Documents as knime.table and save that as BLOB in your DB.