Storing workspace on USB stick, for use on 2 different computers?

I'm using Knime on two computers (office & home) and it's a struggle to keep the two workspaces in sync manually.

So I've been trying to build a single workspace on a USB stick, that I can carry between the two places.

My question, is this possible, in theory? In practice, I'm having problems... History below:

First I exported the home workspace to the USB disk. Then, at office, I put the USB stick in computer, then started Knime and re-pointed to this new workspace on the stick (successfully detected and Home workflows visible) and then imported my office workspace into that same folder/workspace on the USB stick (after first making sure that the Office workflows all had different names to the Home workflows).

The merging went without any apparent problem. In that all the Office & Home workflows were now visible in the USB stick workspace. I also created a separate Data folder in the stick, and threw in all the data files that I was using, from Home and Office.

However, since then (on subsequent days) I'm having difficulty, in that when I first put in the USB stick, at office or home, it is often (usually) detected as 'needing to be repaired'. This is before I start Knime. Odd as I had saved everything in Knime properly before closing Knime, and ejected the USB stick from the taskbar, as one is meant to.

Sometimes this repair works, sometimes it doesn't - the disk disappears from Windows Explorer. In one case, it said it could not repair the disk - 10 GB workspace as lost. When the USB stick is accepted by Windows, and I then start Knime, Knime doesn't like the USB-stick workspace - it says it's read-only... or the USB stick is suddenly unmounted by Windows (no longer visible in Explorer). Since the day I created the shared workspace, I haven't been able use the USB stick for the intended purpose. The fact that one of these repairs caused the knime-workspace folder to be lost (disappeared), but all other files on the stick still remaining, suggests that there is something Windows doesn't like about the workspace folder?

I'm not sure if this is a problem with (1) Windows (does Auto-play [on plugging in the stick] cause some kind of lock...), (2) with the USB sticks (I've tried this on 2 different sticks, both new, the first USB3 and then on a USB2 one) or (3) maybe with Knime (is the file structure within the workspace very complex? or maybe conflicting file-access permissions engendered by using two different computers?).

I guess the solution would be a Knime server, but our office won't go for that (yet).

The stick is identified as E: at work (no CD drive) and F: at home (have CD drive), if that is relevant.

This sounds definitly like a problem with your USB stick. KNIME won't destroy the file system.

Thanks Thor - that gives me hope to keep trying.