Strange behaviour for DB Connection Table (Labs) Node

Hi all,

I noticed a strange behaviour for the DB Connection Table (Labs) Node :

1 - Create a table with the DB Connection Table (Labs) Node after a DB labs node (in my case a DB groupby) => It works OK

2 - Recreate the table with a modification with the Overwrite option => ERROR DB Connection Table Writer (Labs) 0:2843 Execute failed: ERREUR: erreur de syntaxe sur ou près de « . »

3 - Reset and retry => Ok it works.

Version Knime 3.7.0 on Windows 10.

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Hi Fabien,
I tried to reproduce the problem with the attached workflow but failed. Can you give me some more details e.g. the database you are connecting to, the table structure you want to write out (column names and type)? Maybe you can also adapt the attached workflow to let it fail :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help
DbTableWriter.knwf (17.4 KB)

Ok i’m working on Knime for other project for now. I’ll do it as soon as possible. The database I used when observing this issue was Postgres.

Ok I’ve got it ! Just declare a schema within the DB connection table writer. The workflow is in attachment.DbTableWriter.knwf (435.7 KB)