Strange behaviour of BIRT when printing stickers

Based on barcode images and adresses, I tried to generate stickers in BIRT/Knime reporting (like in the mailing feature of MS Word). I am using pages with 8x2 stickers. Following some guidelines I found on another forum, I created a 2x1 grid where I added a table that connects to my data. I am filtering the left and right stickers using an index I have on each record modulo 2, so that I have only odd indices on the left column and even indices on the right side.
Unfortunately, after 5 pages, something weird is happening: I get pages with either only left/odd sticker or only right/even ones.
I managed to print the whole job in batch of 5 pages, but it is not convenient. Can someone help me on this topic.
I tried to use the “fixed layout” option, but then, only 1 sticker is generated.



Go to “Properties” tab of each table then “Page Break” section and set the value of “Page Break Interval” to zero.



Thanks @armingrudd for fast and precise answer. It solves the issue and makes me smarter.
You made my day!


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