strange integer variable behavior

Hi all,
I pass some table rows into integer (long) variables (on picture inf and sup on top left red ellipse). If I do the reverse operation “variables to table rows” everything works properly and variables are transformed automatically to integers from longs, but if I use some other nodes for example “Math formulas(Variables)”, my inf and sup variables simply don’t appear, I have to transform them into integers BEFORE transmit them to variables nodes. That means that my inf sup variables are typed as integers but are not really. Well is short when values in tables are from long type they can be transmitted to some variables nodes and are typed integers (in fact they are no) but they can’t be at all transmitted to others variable nodes.

Hi @Fabien_Couprie -

We’re aware that some nodes don’t support newer flow variable types like they should, and we have a ticket open to address this in a future release (AP-13370). I’ve added your request as a +1 on that ticket - sorry for the trouble!


@ScottF could you add a +1 from me as well? :slight_smile:

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