Strange message from non-function R-nodes

The "Open in R" node does not do anything, appareantly failing to execute for some reason. Rserve is up and running, checked with pyRserve client. The "R Snippet" works fine as well.

The error message is:

WARN      Open in R                          To push the node's input to R again, you need to reset and re-execute it.

The error message is completely independent from the script inside of the "Open in R" node. What does this cryptic warning or error message actualy mean? What could be wrong with the node?

This warning appears if everything is fine to tell the user that re-executing this node will send the KNIME table again to R.

Please check the following setting:

Preferences > KNIME > R-Scripting: Location of R on your computer

This path should point to your local R installation.

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