Strasbourg Summer School 2014

For those of you attending the Strasbourg Summer School in Cheminfomatics, here are some links to the KNIME Downloads that we will use for the course.  These special builds of KNIME  contain all of the extensions, data files, and workflows we will need for the KNIME Workshop.  Please download the appropraite package for your operating system before the course.  It is quite large (~1Gb) so plan ahead!  

Windows 32-bit

Windows 64-bit

Linux 32-bit

Linux 64-bit



In case you already have KNIME installed, you can download the tutorial workflows from here.  

They rely heavily on a few community extensions (of course!) of please make sure the workflows load on your installation.

We'll see you there!

Good evening,

What should I do if I already have Knime installed in my Laptop ?




Hi Oliver, 

Good point.  I've uploaded a zip with just the workflows as well. 



Hi Aaron,

Too late: I unzipped the first file in a separate folder, though everything seems to be fine, thx.