String Array as flowvariable in Create Folder node


We have spent A LOT of time trying to include a string array flowvariable in Create Folder node to create several parametrized path variables, as follows:

fich_path: 00A00_Indra_Training.table
fich_fs_path: 00A00_Indra_Training_FS.table
fich_fs_simple_path: 00A00_Indra_Training_FS_simple.table

We cannot do this manually, because the first part of the names (00A00_Indra) is the combination of two string workflow variables.

Our variables entering Create Folder node:

Configuration of Create Folder node:

But this is what we get :frowning::

Instead, I want 3 different path variables…

Any suggestion or example of an string array with this node??

On my machine, arrays usually have a space after each term; yours don’t. This, along with the fact that you have other variables with exactly the same values in string format, suggests to me that your arrays aren’t really arrays. How did you create them?

Can you upload the workflow here?

When I put together a very simple example, it works fine:


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I was creating the concatenated strings manually. Example:

“nombres” STRING: 00A00_Indra_Training,00A00_Indra_Training_FS,00A00_Indra_Training_FS_simple) 00A00_Indra_Training,00A00_Indra_Training_FS,00A00_Indra_Training_FS_simple

and then used these variables with a “Create String Array Variable”. But apparently it isn’t working.

So I modify the wf to use a “Create Collection Column”, and now I get the arrays with that “white space”, and Create folder node works.


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