String Filtering

Hi guys,

i built a workflow, which analyzes the reference of transactions.
For example person “A” transfers money to person “B” with the reference "eref+91282319 svwz1234 thank you " or “eref+91283928931 svwz12123

I am not interested in the part before the phrase “svwz…”. Is it possible to delete all letters, numbers and other characters before “svwz…”?
I’ve already tried the string Manipulation node e.g. the command “substr(…)”, but the problem is, that the first part distinguished in the lenght of characters.

Thank you for the help!

Hi @dz2709

The string manipulation is the way to go (or do some Regex). Use: substr($column1$,indexOf($column1$,“svwz”)+4 )
gr. Hans


Hi @dz2709,

If the text format is not always the same as your example here (e.g. the “svwz1234” is not a permanent constant), you can use this expression to remove the first part before the first white space:

regexReplace($column1$, "^.*?\\s(.*)", "$1")



If you know the string will always be delimited by a space and you only want the second part, you can use the Cell Splitter node, and drop the extraneous column.


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