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in this case do not take into account column 2 3 and 4.
I would like to change de value “unisex” depending on the size. For example, a article which is size under 35 to 40 would be named “WOMENS” and for those which are under 40,5 to 46 would be nominated “MENS”.

Do you know how to simply put these conditions?

Thank you very much in advance


Hi @ConstantD,

not tested but I would solve this problem as followed:

  1. String to Number Node to convert your column with the numerical sizes into Double
  2. Rule Engine Node with this setting

For “$ColumnValues$” you have to choose your Double value column

Greetings Brotfahrer


Thnaks for you help,

but I want to specify in the selected column to take only the value “unisex” and then apply those conditions

because in my file i have several articles which are womens and above 40.

is it possible to follow your exepression and say :
in the gender column and for “unisex” only <= 40 => “WOMENS”
in the gender column and for “unisex” only >= 40 => “MENS”

Hi @ConstantD,

can you provide the column names for us? What is your gender column? The column with the “UNISEX” values?

Greetings Brotfahrer

column 27 is the gender

OK then try this

$SIZE$ <= 40 AND $Col27$ LIKE “UNISEX” => “Womens”
$SIZE$ >= 40 AND $Col27$ LIKE “UNISEX” => “Mens”

In this case column SIZE has to be Double (String to Number Node)

Greetings, Brotfahrer


Thank you for you advice,
I have still problems,
I also have sizes in M, XL , and also half sizes with “,”
Thus, it deletes them from the size columns

Yes, yes, come in the wonderful world of data crawling :wink:

Ok, you must separate the data. In such a case I use the Rule-based Row Filter

I have upload a Test workflow with all setting for you
Sizes.knwf (32.5 KB)

With the string sizes eg. S,M, you will get problems to predict your data because the string sizes ar not unique to womens or mens

Greetings, Brotfahrer

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Your result looks now like this

DUDE thanks so much !
And now I have to make it into one single size column. Which node shoud I use?

Do you want to replace Col27? The set this in the rule engine nodes

finally, the problem is bigger than expected ! thanks again for your workflow. But it seems complicated to take into account your rule engine with the fact that I have sizes in S M etcc

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