String input: Path and filename for csv-reader

Hello alltogether,

I would like to input a variable, which contains the path and the file for a csv-reader.

The path is always the same, so what I actually need is one input, which is the filename and then I would like to add the right path automatically. Path and filename should by stored in one variable, which I can parse to the csv-reader.

Is that possible ?



yes, by using two different string input nodes and the merge variables node. However, why not simply browse the file name and path using the File Upload node ?

Hello Geo,

I think browsing through the file system is much more work than just put in a filename.

@merge Variables

I tried that, but it did not do anything.

What I did: I have to string-input.nodes with two different variables, maybe var1 = a and var2=b.

I expected the merge variables node put this together to a new variable var3 which has the value: ab but actually it looks like image1.

What did I wrong ?

Greetings Berthold

I just figured it out by myself.

The Java Edit Variable (simple) does the work.

Indeed merge only creates the two variables and merges them into a single flow but without concatenating them. Java edit is one way to go.