String manipulation across all cells

Hi all,

Beginner here.

I have a table with hundreds of rows and columns where cells all contain text strings. I managed to do part of what I need with GroupBy (hiliting, concatenate), however the output contains “, ?” substrings wherever the original cells are empty. I would like to get rid of these substrings.

As I could not find how to tweek GroupBy to avoid the “, ?” substrings I thought of running a substring replacement on the generated output.

Basically any cell containing “alpha, beta, ?, ?” should be changed to “alpha, beta”.

A text editor on the CSV output file could obviously do it but I could not find a Knime node for this simple operation. Looks easy for a single column but I have hundreds of them.

Thanks !

The concatenation in Groupby allows you to uncheck missing values. Have you tried that in your flow?


I ended up reading and writing Excel files as opposed to CSV files and the issue went away. Thanks!

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