String Manipulation, Math Formula and Rule Engine

Hi All,
Good day to all.

I am a beginner in learning KNIME.
I want to learn all functions with example workflow about String Manipulation, Math Formula and Rule Engine.

Please help me.


Hi @Charm_Myae,

When you select each function in the nodes you mentioned, a description of the function with a few examples are shown. Also you can search KNIME Hub or NodePit for workflow examples.

If you any questions about any particular function, feel free to mention it here and the community will help you to master it.



Thanks @armingrudd
I will try.

Thank you very much.

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Hi there @Charm_Myae,

glad you are eager to learn but why would you like to learn all functions from mentioned nodes? I think it is more important to be aware what kind of functions there nodes offer and how they work. Then it is pretty easy to make use of each function even if you have never used it before in a workflow. And if you get stuck there is forum always…


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