String Manipulation (Multi Column) fails with NullPointerException

Hi there,

in Column Auto Type Cast Fallback for missing columns I raised a bug / feature for the Column Auto Type Cast. I recognized that the String Manipulation (Multi Column) throws a NullPointerException error if it encounters a column w/o a specific type.

Henceforth, I’d like to suggest three things:

  1. to instate a fallback to skip columns of unknown type OR
  2. Just process columns of an unspecific type
  3. Enable selection by type like in the column filter node and others


Hi @mw,

tnx for reporting this. Ticket created to address it. (Internal reference: AP-15075)


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You are welcome @ipazin. I noticed itÄs the same for the ungroup. Kind of an edge case. Shall I create another ticket?

Btw, this might be caused by the Transpose as this can no determine the column type if it contains no values. Maybe it’s a more wholistic approach to instate a fallback to string type or even be able to determine the fallback manually, though?

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Hi @mw,

Seems so. I’ll add it to existing ticket and then let’s see :slight_smile:


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