String manipulation (substr and indexOf)

hello friends: help, I need to extract year and day from the next column and add the columns to the table.

the name of the column is _V2002_001 , i need v2002 and 001 in different columns

I’m using: substr($_V2002_001$,indexOf($V2002_001$,""),5), but is wrong

help pleas


substr run on value of each row of the column not on the column name.
Could you explain your problem with example data and config?

I explainned wrong.
i need this

split_column_name.knwf (13.6 KB)
I think this that you want.

if your year is not constant number you can use like string manipulation I used in workflow.


Thanks Mohammad_Nazemi, you are great

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You’re welcome.
Good luck.

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Hello there,

if I got it right Column Rename (Regex) can be used as well using _.*_(.*) expression with $1 as replacement.


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