String manipulation when field is duplicated

Good afternoon guys, how are you?
I need your help for a challenge that came to me here at the company. I’m leaving photos and the workflow below so that it’s easy to understand.

I have the combine string column, I need that if the value is repeated, it joins the items in the day of the week column.

Example: “RT10119:00:00CARRETA(2)” it appears for the days WED,THU and FRI, I need that in a column come Wed,Thu,Fri.

I count on your help.

STRING.knwf (22.8 KB)

Hi @Gabriel2020

One way to solve it is to first find the duplicated record by using a Duplicate Row Filter node on column10. Under the advanced tab, enable the keep duplicate rows option which will create a new column.

Then evaluate the result of this and apply the string manipulation, for example in a CE node.

if (column("duplicate-type-classifier").equals("unique")) {
} else {
    column("column10") + column("column8")

This concats columns 10 and 7 if the value is not unique, meaning it’s duplicated.


Arjen thanks for the speed, but it wouldn’t be like that. In the example I gave in ROW 520,713,900 there are different days of the week. I need these 3 to be concatenated.

I need the day of the week column to be concatenated only to it, as it appears 3 times in a row I need to write in 1 line what appears in the day of the week column

Hi @Gabriel2020 , you can use the “groupby” node to concatenated the week rows with a separator as a list. After that, you can use the string manipulation to join the file and the week together.

Try it ok?



Allright, another route then :slight_smile:

I would create a second branch and filter for the rows that are not equal to unique via a row filter.

Then use a groupBy node and make a (unique) concat of column 8 based on column10.

Then use a joiner to associate it back to the main data flow based on column10.

With an Column Aggregator you can combine the two.

If this is also not it, please be more precise in what your expected out is.


Guys, thanks a lot for your help. It just needed that where it was empty it would bring the information from the Day of the week column.


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