String manipulation

I have a large data set, and I want to replace the names like if I have Max in my name column, then I want to replace it with Male, or if it is Max Jan, I also want to replace it with Male. I can do it white string replacer node, but as my data set is large, if I do all of them with string replacer, it takes too much time to execute them.
regexReplace($column1$, “/Max*” ,“Male”) i tried this but it is not working

Thank you.

Something else to try - it times as a “little” bit quicker than String Replacer for me.

Use Rule Engine node with

$column1$ LIKE “Max*” => “Male” (assuming you want “Max” => “Male” and “Max Jan” => Male - if you want “Max Jan” => “Male Jan” then this won’t work)



Thank you. It solved my problem.


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