String replace (dictionary) error

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I faced with the problem while using String replace (Dictionary) Node - for one iteration I have some rows where the node couldn’t find values for 5 rows that is really strange because there is no spaces, blanks etc. and the value mentioned in the initial table existing in Dictionary. I tried million of variants, but finally I still can’t understand what I’ doing wrong.
For the second iteration with this node - I need to add additional column Category of the client and initial table consist of data on Japanese language. As a result String replace doesn’t work at all.
I’ve tried Cell Replacer Node for both iteration and result is the same…
Only thing that I discover with first iteration - when I trying to use Joiner node on the same matching field VIN that I used for the dictionary - it works and add data matched even for those rows which String replace (dicrionary) couldn’t identified.
Could please someone help me to understand what I’m doing wrong and how to resolve mentioned issue with both iterations?
String replace (dictionary)_Error.knwf (16.1 KB)

The files you have in your workflow are local to your machine.

Can you either re-upload the workflow with the data in a “Table Creator” node, or save it in a folder relative to the workflow itself?

Once we can get a better idea of the data, I or someone else will be happy to assist. Even a screenshot might work.


Hi Snowy,

Yes, sure. I put all the data sources by iteration (#1 an #2) that is attached (Main file and Dictionary). Hope it will helps to execute the workflow.Iteration #1_dictionary.txt (3.1 KB)
Iteration#1_Main file.xlsx (24.1 KB)
Iteration #2_Dictionary.txt (561 Bytes)
Iteration #2_Main file.xlsx (11.2 KB)

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Hello @Sergio_176,

did you have any progress with your task? Know your question was a while ago but if you still need help I suggest to use Cell Replacer instead of String Replacer (Dictionary) as it works as expected in both cases. Here is modified workflow example.
String replace (dictionary)_Error_ipazin.knwf (72.8 KB)

Note: In Excel Reader node (under Transformation tab) you can change column type so you can avoid using Number to String node.

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