String Replacer - Feature Request

Please can an extra option be included in the string replacer to be able to replace Strings not just from one of the columns, but also from the RowID column.



In addition to the above request, is it possible to have a:

1. String Replacer by Row. So being able to replace strings with/without wildcards by row.

2. String Replacer of Column Header. So being able to rename Column Names by a Wildcard Pattern. i.e. If you have columns Col0, col1, col2 etc, then using pattern matching Col, and replace with Header, so new columns are now called Header0, Header1, Header2, etc. This is useful when you have hundreds of columns which is just not practical by using the Rename node.





count me +1 for this

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Hello @deicide_bg,

wow! This is an old topic getting revived. There are three request from @richards99. For which one are you voting?

  • option to use String Replacer on RowID column is not possible but there is easy workaround. Use RowID node to create new column from RowID values, then perform string replacement followed again by RowID node to inject modified column as RowID column
  • option to do string replacement by row (on multiple columns at once if I got it right) is available with String Manipulation (Multi Column) node using multiple functions
  • to do column header manipulation there is Column Rename (Regex) node

Hope this helps and if I got something wrong feel free to add more context!