String to Date&Time: Current vs Legacy

Hi KNIME Team,

I like the feature of converting multiple string columns to Date format in one-go in the updated String to Date&time node.

However, I noticed that some conversion works perfectly fine in String to Date/Time (legacy) node but fails in updated String to Date&Time.

For example converting string '31-MAY-17' into Date using Date format 'dd-MMM-yy' works fine in legacy node but not in updated node.

A sample workflow and data file is attached for reference.

The problem are the all uppercase month names. The new date&time API in Java 8 is more strict about it. However, we should be able to work around it and also accept all-upper(or lower)case names. I have opened an enhancement request in our system.

Thanks for the update Thor. Sometimes as a user we do not have control over the format of data (upper/lower case) that is provided to us especially if it is from diverse sources. Hence the issue. Looking forward to the fix.

Hi @thor
Is there a fix to the upper case month issue, that you are aware of?

Hi @thor
I’m following up as well. Any fix coming up?