String to Date&Time error


I have been using the “string to Date&Time” node to convert string dates to date and time. its been working fine and now for dates that are 01/01/2023 and beyond (dd/MM/YYY) Im getting this error:

Execute failed: Failed to parse date in row ‘Row0’: Text ‘31/01/2023 19:34’ could not be parsed at index 2

The following is the screen shot of the node configured.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @ACs.

You need to be careful with your node configurations. Seemingly small details can matter.

In this case, The string you’ve supplied has the format ‘dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm’, but the date format you’ve told KNIME to use is ‘dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm’.

In your string, index 2 is ‘/’.
KNIME is expecting a ‘-’ at this position.
It therefore has no idea what to do.


Thank you for your assistance.


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