String to Date&Time Node not working

Hello Community,

I wanted to transform column “sys_updated_on” from string to date&time but it’s not working. Here’s the workflow for testing.
Purchasing MyJTI.knwf (60.0 KB)

Hi @angelmilo

Can you run it, export it again but disable the feature to reset the workflow? It crashes right now due to the files missing so we can’t really see what’s going on :wink:


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Here it is.
String to Date and Time Error.knwf (31.0 KB)

Can you check it again. We are going back in time :wink:


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Alternatively you could share the 3 csvs or give us fake csvs with the same data format. Or you could show us a screenshot of what data is failing and the error message you are getting.


Hello @victor_palacios and @ArjenEX,

Here’s the sample of the CSV file. It actually contains few date columns with the same problem which is I 2 different date formats in 1 column. Please use column “sys_updated_on”. Thank you!

Hi @angelmilo , the reason why you cannot convert this column is because there are different format of date strings there.

For example, the first 5 lines have these values:
8/1/2021 17:35
21-07-2021 09:04:39
6/3/2021 10:43
22-06-2021 04:56:19
13-08-2021 03:02:30

This is the same issue as your other thread:

It’s hard to answer when you have different threads for the same question. I mean where should I post the answer?


Hi @angelmilo , FYI, I provided a solution on the other thread.


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