string to Date/time Node

I'm a newbie and have still some difficultly with a.m. node.


XLS-Reader processed an xlsx-File, column which contains date information is displayed as e.g. 02/24/16 (by xls-node) . It is defined as string. Excel itself displays it as 24. Feburary 2016.
“String to Date/Time-Node” is configured as dd-MM-yyyy however parsing resulted in something to calendar year 2015.

I already changed system language from German to ENGLISH (US) based on some hints out of this forum as well as node description. Computer system were restarte of course. But there is no effect by such kind of change; result is still the same.

Any hints are welcome.


Hello Thomas,

Can you provide a simple workflow demonstrating this problem as I can't reproduce this error.
Please use a small sample and uncheck the Exclude data when exporting the workflow.

Thank you,

Hi Ferry,

please find it attached incl. screenshot of knime ...

Thanks in advance



Transforming a String to date/time is always a little bit complicated as it needed some knowledge about the Date Format.
2/18/16 : MM/dd/yy
2/18/2016 : MM/dd/yyyy
18.02.2016: dd.MM.yyyy
The setup is described in the nodedialog under Date format.
There is one additional thing. Sometimes Excel malformats parts of the strings. This needs to be corrected in Excel via setting the format there manually again...