String to date/time node


I am a new Knime user, can you help me with this matter?

I have a StringCell with input like: February 10, 2016, Hour 21

How can create a correct date? Can I do this using the String to date/time node?

Thank you very much for your time and attention,




Hello Silvia,

Welcome to the KNIME community!

Yes, you can do this with the String to Date/Time node, but you need a String Manipulation node first to remove the "Hour".

First use the String Manipulation with the function >replace(yourColumn, "Hour", "")< to remove it.
Then use String to Date/Time with the format "MMMM dd, yyyy, HH".


Thank you very much! Situation definitely got better, but I still have a problem with the node.

Are you sure about the MMMM part?


Thank you again for your time,



Please have a look at the attached workflow, maybe I have misunderstood your problem.



I have the exact same workflow that you sent me but the node fails to parse the data. The console sais:

Couldn't parse 69120 row(s) due to parsing errors (data format wrong?)

And that means all the rows I have!

Thank you again for your help,



Hi Silvia,

the solution is based on your system language. For this you would need an english system language.

Hi Iris,

so you mean I should change the language settings in my computer?

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Hello Silvia,

Edit: Iris was faster and is right. I did not think of that.

I suspect a spelling issue.
Could you please copy-paste the following three things

  1. One input cell. Select the cell and copy it.
  2. The content of the String Manipulation node.
  3. The format of the String to Date/Time node.

Or preferably upload the workflow and a sample of your data (for example generated by the Row Sampling node, not manually typed!)

Thank you,