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I have a date format in Apr -18 but it is in string and I tried to convert it to date using Mmm-yy, but it cannot do it. I saw some previous post stating that it is not possible to convert it since the date format must need a day component. Is it still the case? If so, why is Mmm-yy still listed as an option? I tried to work around it by adding a day component using the join in string manipulation node, but I cannot make it work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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First of all I guess the reason that you see the “Mmm-yy” option in the list is that you have entered that format manually once before. I didn’t have this but since I entered the format, it appears in the list for me as well.

To solve your issue:
Use a string manipulation and join function like this: join(“01-”, $Date$)
Now in the string to data&time node use this format: dd-MMM-yy (the “New type” should be Date, not Date&time and use 3 capital M for month in Date format settings)
And problem is solved.

I also found this topic similar to your issue. Maybe it’s a good idea to take a look:



Thank you, Armin. The first suggestion did not work. I managed to get my date in the 2018-01-13 format and it did work. Guess I have to change month names to numbers and also the year to four digits.

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