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Hi all,

I have a problem. I have a dataset with one column date, but unfortunately this is a string. I wanted to use the node string to date, but it fails, with the following error:

the string/date in my dataset is like this 21/09/20 and Knime doesn’t recognize it.
What can I do to solve this?

@Sander_vdv you could enter a proper sequence of placeholders (DateTimeFormatter) yourself. You should check some special cases within your data (eg 29th of February if it is occurs).


If you want to use more data and time functions I have this collection to offer:


I believe the format you want to use here is d/M/yy. Can you try that please?


@Sander_vdv - first of all, you selected “Date” in New Type, but the Date Format is a Date&Type. You need to setup a Date format compatible. For the your data - ‘21/9/20’ - the correct format would be d/M/yy. I tried and this setup worked. You can see bellow how i configured the node.


Thanks for the solution

Thanks for the solution!

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