String to Document Error

I have a dataset with ~7,000 rows and includes a variable with a 10-20 sentences per record.   When I get to the String to Document node I get an error "DocumentBufferedFileStoreDataCellFactory     Could not create DocumentBufferedFileStoreCell for document: 0b7c753f-43a6-443c-80ad-0448eab23ab4"  

I have made all of the setting changes recommended in other posts but still get the error.  Any advise on how to fix this problem?  Are there any string format issues (symbols, numbers etc) that  are known to  trip up the process?

One additional note:  When go from File Reader to Strings to Document I do not get the error.  I get the error when I go from File Reader to GroupBy (creating a concatinated text field) to Strings to Document.

Is there a way that I can take the String to Document document and then group the documents by unique ID prior to text analysis?


I assume that, by using the GroupBy node a very long String will be created by concatenation. Are you using a whitespace character as separator character between concatenations, in order to be able to separate the words?

Cheers, Kilian