String to Document Failed

After Tika Parser and some other nodes in the component, String to Document failed with the message:
ERROR Strings To Document 3:79 Could not store document in cell: C:\Users\Igor\Downloads\Cognitive_Psychology_and_Cognitive_Neuroscience.pdf
ERROR Strings To Document 3:79 Execute failed: Cell at index 0 is null!

Do not know how to load a pdf by itself, you can check why it failing the node.

P.S. Just uncheck Author as recommended in String to Document crashes - #3 by acommons
and it works.

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Glad you found a solution :+1:

Thank you, Scot for looking into my case. Would it be feasible to look at Author field processing? In my case it seems empty.

Hi Igor -

We do have an old ticket about this (AP-7588) that was closed because at the time we couldn’t reproduce the issue. Perhaps there are characters in your Content field that cause the node to fail when it tries to parse it as an Author?

Can you share the PDF file that causes this error, or is it proprietary?

It is a free book from
Forum window does not allow PDF format. Could you please provide a link I can load it?

I found a link to it here:

Let me see if I can reproduce the problem.

I can reproduce. Now I will irresponsibly speculate about the problem for a moment :slight_smile:

I suspect this is happening because the Author field in the Strings to Document node is not equipped to deal with the thousands of words being input via the Content field from the preceding Tika Parser. It could have a more descriptive error message for sure, but in practical terms, I would never expect this to work.

EDIT: Alternatively, maybe the settings for the node should have checkboxes for the metadata off by default? This might help eliminate some confusion.


@izaychik63 I added a ticket in our system to address this issue (AP-16723), with a +1 from you.


Hi @izaychik63 -

With the release of 4.4.1, this issue should now be resolved. Thanks for the detailed bug report!


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