String to JSON source code

in which directory can I find the source Code to the String to JSON node?

Hi Alex,

we are currently in the process of putting more code on GitHub. We will make sure that source code for the String to JSON node is available as soon as possible. Until then, you can simply add the corresponding extension to your target platform and then browse the code inside Eclipse.

I hope this helps,


any update for the JSON TO STRING source code?

after install the JSON-PROCESSING,which jar it is in to review the source code?

Hi Lou,

If you have knime-json in your target platform and enabled search in plug-ins. You can access the source code by using the navigate to class command (Ctrl + Shift + T) and entering a class in the plug-in , etc the StringToJSONNodeModel.


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Thanks,i just find JSON-processing source code in target

not find knime-json.

Sorry, I was not precise, the JSON-Processing you pointed out in the screenshot is the knime-json I was speaking of.


so what’s the class type name to search the node source code?

That is the node you asked about before, so I would start there