String to number does not work well

I have a string, for example: 100000 (hundredthousand)

I use the node: String to Number to convert it to a number with a thousands separator is a point and the decimal separtor is a komma.

But what I get is 100,000 and not 100.000


The separator settings in the "String To Number"-Node are meant for the input, not the output.

Your settings make the node read 100.000 as one hundred thousand and 100,000 as one hundred.

The komma you get in the output is the KNIME-default thousands separator and is just displayed in the table-view.

Thank You Ferry.abt for Your explanation.

I would like to have a point thousands separator for integer values only for the output. Do You think, that is possible ?​



At this moment there is no option to change this setting. But this is just about visualization, as the internal value is "100000" without any thousands separators. To control decimal and thousands separators e.g. in an output file you can of course always use the "Number To String"-node to gain absolute control over how the number looks.

I'm sure there will be support for this in a future version of KNIME. For now you have to settle with US separators in the table viewer - sorry.