String to URI and Download/Upload from List not compatible anymore

Good day.

I believe the newer versions of these two nodes are no longer properly compatible.

In KNIME v3.5.2 you are able to create a URI to a network file, eg. \\myserver\myfolder\myfile.csv and the returned URI would be URI: file:////myserver/myfolder/myfile.csv; EXT: csv.
You can use this URI in the Download/Upload from List node to download and upload files from one location to another, even if the network location is not mapped to a specific drive letter.

In KNIME 4.1.1 and 4.1.3 this is no longer the case. The URI conversion still proceeds like it did in 3.5.2, but now the Download/Upload from List node returns an error
“ERROR Download / Upload from list Execute failed: URI has an authority component”, which suggests this node no longer accepts network locations. Changing the network location to a mapped network drive solves the problem, but is not a solution as drive mapping is not consistent between users.

There also seems to be no way to create a URI flow variable and use that, so this release is not production ready if you’re using these nodes.

Seems like the only feasible solution is to use cURL with an external tool.

hello @ryno,

I’m using 4.1.3 and it is possible to upload files as you describes. Maybe the locaton where do you like to copy the files is a different file system?


Thanks for the response @sven-abx, but unfortunately not the case.

I’m running both 4.1.3 and 3.5.2 on the same maching, trying to write the same files to the same locations, and in 3.5.2 it works, whereas in 4.1.3 it doesn’t.

The error I get seems to suggest the node is having difficulty interpreting a network location.

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