Strip, flatten & transpose data table

New KNIME user trying to understand how to manipulate a Excel table in KNIME.  I have the following table format:

Serial Number Parameter Name Parameter Value
SN001 Temperature 32.7
SN001 Voltage 5.3
SN001 Manufacturer Acme Inc
SN002 Temperature 31.4
SN002 Voltage 5.5
SN002 Manufacturer ABC123
SN003 Tempature 32.1
SN003 Voltage 5.0
... ... ...

The actual file has 1000's of SN & up to 50+ parameters...

I am trying to figure out how to flatten & transpose (not sure if these are the right terms)? to the following format so I can join w/another file based on SN:

Serial Number Temperature Voltage MFG
SN001 32.7 5.3 Acme Inc
SN002 31.4 5.5 Random Co.
SN003 32.1 5.0 ...

I saw a few other threads on similar topics but they didnt quite fit the scenario I outlined.  Would anyone be able to provide guidance on how to get this done?

Thanks in advance 

Would anyone be able to take a look at this question or let me know if there is a similar thread which could help?

Thank you...


You can do this with the Pivoting node (assuming 1 of each parameter name/value per Serial Number) :

Select 'Serial Number' as Group column

Select 'Parameter Name' as Pivot column

Select 'Parameter Value' on the Manual Aggregation tab.

Aggregation = First, and Column naming = Keep original names.

Pivot table output should be what you need.


Worked perfectly.  Thank you so much for the help!