Strip white space from all columns in table


I am fairly new to knime.

I need to strip white space in all columns in a table in one go (I don’t want to add a string manipulation node per column at a time - I have many columns in my table).

I was unable to find a single node that does this.

I tried to write a loop no success,


I tried to pass the current column as a loop flow variable to the string manipulator as


but that just works on the column name instead of the contents of the column. Is there something I could do to make it use the actual column pointed at by ScurrentColumnName ?

Or is there an easier / better way?


Hi @srimaljq1 and welcome to the forum
Take a look a this workflow from the KNIME hub . In the begin of the loop every column is converted to “anonymous”, the the manipulation, and then the name is converted back to it’s original. Happy KNIMEing

gr. Hans


You could extract the names of the columns, transpose them, manipulate them and insert them back into the file. Make sure to allow enough columns to be transposed (I set it to 500) - edit: put in a dynamic reference.

kn_example_blanks_in_column_names.knwf (28.6 KB)

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