Stuck loading content from the Examples repository


I am using KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.2.

When I try to load the examples from the Examples repository, the KNIME Explorer Windows keeps “Fetching content” but nothing happens.

Any Ideas on how I can fix this?


Hi, same here because I´m working behind a firewall but at my home computer it works without a problem. So do you sit behind a firewall?
If you don´t know try to open “File” - “Install KNIME Extensions” and if an error occurs it´s probably this.


yes I can install extensions, but I am behind a company firewall non-the-less. Is there an option to d/l and install the examples manually?


You should have a “” file in your KNIME path. Just hit “Import KNIME workflow” and choose this file and as output destination choose local.

Then you can use the examples.

Ah, Thanks - I already got those. I was under the impression that more examples were available from the examples online repository.

It’s worthwhile to check the KNIME Hub as well. All of the workflows on the Examples server are available there, plus a lot more… and in addition it’s searchable!


Perfect, Thanks. That does the job!


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