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Hi, I have a course summary table of students with rows replicating individual students based on each unique course they enroll in (very similar to a transcript report). The table includes [Credits Taken] with a value for each course taken. I would like to create a new [Accumulated Credits] column that SUMS the [Credits Taken] column, so that we can see credits accumulated over time. Finally, I would like to create an output report with SUM or subtotals column [Total Credits] adding up the [Accumulated Credits] in order to quickly see total credits earned by student.

Hi @matthins and welcome to the KNIME community forum,

Would you please provide an example input and your desired output?


Thank you for the quick reply, armingrudd.
I’ve attached an example input / output file with dummy data. The first eight columns of the INPUT table are from the raw data source. The last column [ACCUM CREDITS] is a running total of [CREDITS TAKEN] that I would like to include in the workflow. The OUTPUT report removes the duplicative course data and retains the final running total row count per student.

CourseCredits by Student.xlsx (11.1 KB)

The node you are looking for is the GroupBy node. Add student ID, first name, last name and academic program as grouping columns and then use “Sum” as the aggregation method on Credits Token column.



Thank you! This worked well.


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