Submit PNG files via POST?

Hi there,

Is there a way to replicate this somehow:

curl --data-binary "@imgf000003.png" using the KREST nodes?

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Hi George,

unfortunately, I see no way to accomplish what you want with the standard KREST nodes: Regardless of the format of the representation you choose, the KREST representation generator always expects object data, i.e. attributes and values.

I see two solutions:

1. You adapt the server to accept e.g. a JSON representation like this:

{ data : <binary image data string> }

and figure a way to read the image files into a string data cell in KNIME (I'm not sure that's easy to do...); or

2. You write a Python script using the requests package and feed it the file URLs you want to POST e.g. with a ListDirectory node. This should not be more than a couple of lines of code; of course, error handling would be a little tricky.

Best regards,