Does somebody know if there is a documentation explaining how a subnode works compared to a metanode?

I have seen this feature in the releasde 2.10 but unfortunately, I did not find the associated documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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Would love to know as well.

As I understood during the last open source days, they differ from metanodes, that their content cannot be executed separately, only all of them. It is more like a single node.


are there any performance gains to be expected from the use of the one or the other?

Flow variables defined in the subnodes are not passed to the outside. That's the only other thing that I've heard about them.

Im curious too. I just found technical explanations yet but there must be a User Story or similar  why they were introduced in the first place.

I seem to remember the ability to lock down the contents of a sub-node being desirable to software vendors. I guess a vendor might not want to build a full plugin if their code/method can be easily incorporated using existing nodes. Or, maybe, if they do have a plugin they might also want to provide specific configurations of their nodes.

Basically, the sub-nodes are bit like the way Pipeline Pilot incorporates third party tools.