Suddenly I'm getting Error: object '' not found

Today for no apparent reason I am getting Error: object ‘’ not found in my Rview(table) node
Running version KNIME 4.7.7 on Windows
Any thoughts?

Was working perfectly last week but today the problem seems to be large tables, I have 950 variables and 450 rows. If I reduce the width of the table it works OK. Strange

OK it seems to be a problem if my table is wider than about 100 columns. This is downright weird as previously I had no problem with datasets with 1000’s of variables

I think I have solved it - Several columns in my data were “?” rather than “D”

Glad you were able to figure it out. Thanks for posting your findings!

@Mark_Earll one thing you can always try is using Parquet format to transfer data.

Also you can make use of the option to split very large files but still treat them as one table:

Hi @ScottF No Problem, this was driving me nuts for a few hours. A handy way to exclude “?” columns would be useful. I realise there is a datatype filter available so I could always only pass valid columns by ticking all the datatypes! The reason I missed this was the table was quite big and failed to see the “?” columns :slight_smile:

There’s a “missing value column filter” which does exactly what you wanted.

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