Suggenstion: colored nodes for better workflow readability


as I am currently working with quite big workflows (exploring heterogenous data), I thought it would help to have a simple color code which can be assigned to a node via the node-right-click menu (like for folders in Mac finder)

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For example, I often need to group data or filter data to do some checks. So I have a lot of these nodes hanging around and it would make my workflow much more readable if I could color code them (color behind the node for example). Workflow annotations are not linked to the nodes and require more user actions to change their color. I like them more to really annotate what I have done (comments).


you can change the background of the 'node annotation'. Just double-click into the node annotation (the ones initialized with "Node #") followed by a right-click and you can change its background.

Admittedly not the most convenient solution, but maybe it helps a bit.



I was not aware of this option. It helps for the moment - thank you!