Suggestion: option to store and restore view state

I guess this could be only introduced in KNIME 3.0, but maybe you know a shortcut. ;) (Probably introducing an interface which can be optionally implemented?)

I think it would be quite useful if the current state of the views could be stored (for example by opening it like a metanode and dragging something from the view, or by a command from the menu; so the commenting, naming options were already be possible) and restored (for example the zooming factor, the position, ...; not the hiliting state) later.

What do you think? Can this be implemented? Do you have something better in the works? ;)

Thanks, gabor


Edit: It would be also nice if the saved state could act as a template and could be modified by variables, or merged with other templates. But I guess this could be hard to follow, or explain. Naturally in these states the output image could be easily generated automatically.