Suggestion: Specifying solutions in old topics


A while ago when I was working on a workflow to suggest similar topics to users, I realized how useful the solution mark is. I could define a condition where if the similarity met a minimum value then the solution would be suggested instead of the topic itself.
But the topics with a (specified) solution were too few. I’m sure the truth is that there are just a few topics without any solutions.
I have seen (many) users who say thanks after getting the solution but they don’t hit that solution mark. So how about doing the job internally (and keep on doing it)? Moderators can check topics and if the user has obviously mentioned a reply as his/her solution then they mark the reply as the solution on behalf of the user.
I know it will take a lot of time as there are more than 8000 topics just in this category but when it’s done, we can do great things (beside this fact that it’s very helpful to the community).



Hi @armingrudd

thank you for this idea, as always :slight_smile:

To be honest we already thought about this when installing the solution package, but decided that only the person asking should be the one who resolves the thread. You are right, in some rare cases they might have written that it is a solution, but in most they just say thank you.

And the second thing is, that a solution which was the best 3 years ago, could now be improved with new nodes. So if we mark it as solved, it gives a wrong impression.

Best wishes, Iris