Suggestion: Support more Flow Variable data types in Java scripting

Hello @Aswin and thanks for joining me. I tried to recreate the error, but the best I can do is a warning. The Table Row to Variable happily executes, but doesn’t create the Flow Variable:
WARN Table Row to Variable 3:6 Can not convert cell with List of DataCell type to a flow variable. (Column "Row0" at offset 0)
I thought maybe you used the Table Column to Variable node, but that one also does only a warning:

WARN Table Column to Variable 3:7 Input contains no column that can be converted to a flow variable

At least I found a list of supported Flow Variables when I tried to configure the Table Column to Variable node. Apparently it’s Bool, Int, Long, Double, String, their array counterparts, and Path:
That explains why some of the column types are converted to String. In this companion thread I found out that the Date&Time types are converted to String, today I added XML to the list. Lists/Sets of mixed type can not be mapped to any of those types. String array would work, but only with information loss.
tmp.knwf (16.9 KB)

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