Sum duration columns

Hello friends : D I hope y’all doing well

So, this time I have a new challenge and I reach the point where I need another point of view, or an advice.

I have a table that looks like this:

d1 - - - - - - d1Duration - d2 - - - - - - - d2Duration

And after some attempts to sort and sum all this durations I got:

d1 - - - - - - d1Duration - d2 - - - - d2Duration - Duration output

My expected output is the sum of the values, but instead this method is substracting.

I´ll appreciate any idea : D


What nodes/method are you using currently?

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Hi @ArjenEX

I got that result by using “Column Aggregator”


including date&time columns


and using duration method.



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Could you upload your current workflow (with data) or at least the data?

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Could you convert to number and then use math formula to subtract?

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Hello @rfeigel and @Daniel_Weikert

Sure, there you have a example WK with some data
durExample.knwf (13.3 KB)
sample.xlsx (8.3 KB)

About your solution @Daniel_Weikert I want to explore first if it´s possible to sum. I like the time precision.

If it isn´t possible, be sure I´ll be glad to try this new method.

Try this. Thanks to @gonhaddock for the Column Expressions script. If you absolutely need the milliseconds maybe he can weigh in.

hello @ttsk8der

durExample-new.knwf (27.6 KB)


Hello @rfeigel and @tomljh hope you´re starting the week nice : D

Sadly I haven´t the “Column expression” node because IT restrictions. so, sadly I couldn´t try your solution @rfeigel .

About your solution @tomljh I have to say that is very nice, and implemeting it to my real project it save me an extra step. so I can´t expreess you my gratitude. Thank you.

Thank you all for your time and effort

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