I want to write a SUM if like function that says "SUMIF > than the value in Backlog column. So for instance I would like for everything in the backlog column greater than 56 to be SUM’d. If it is not greater than I would like to be able to leave out.

Typically for SUMIFs in Knime I would use a group by but in this case I don’t think that I can.


You can still use a GroupBy… Just put a Rule Engine prior to the groupby with:
$Column$ > 56 => “Sum”
$Column$ <= 56 => “Do not sum”

In your GroupBy, the column created by your Rule Engine will be your groups.

Of course, it will sum items with “Do not sum”, but you can just ignore that.

There may be a better solution, but it’s difficult to know without knowing how the data will be used further down the workstream. Hopefully this is a starting point.


rule engine node could return only the 56 and then you could sum up the column using column expressions or groupby


Thanks for all the suggestions here, @Snowy & @Daniel_Weikert, however, these solutions will not help as I will need to this for each row of my sheet.

Do you have any other suggestions?


Hi @rparr009,
please could you provide a sample of your expected outcome. I don’t get what you exactly try to do,


Question on SUMIF came up a couple of times in the forum. @ipazin created an example for this and shared it in this thread: Sumifs Excel - #14 by ipazin

@elsamuel also provided an example for this: Sumif and Conditional formatting ideas - #2 by elsamuel


Please see example above. 1 has a SUM of 10 (4+3+2+1), 2 has SUM of 9 (4 + 3 + 2)

Hi @rparr009

See this workflow sum_if_help.knwf (27.6 KB) .

gr. Hans


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