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Hi. As you can see, I have these user data and I want to sum up those IBTs after some certain blogs with IBT>60.
e.g: for user 11, the sum is 0 for there is only one blog after the IBT>60 blog.
and for user 22, the sum is 1.
for user 33 and so on. (Those blogs with IBT>60 are not always the first blog.)

@Alexiaiaa welcome to the KNIME forum. One simple example with a rule engine and a group by node can be found here:

There are more complex examples on the forum

You could also upload a sample file so we could give it a try


Thx for replying @mlauber71

I have tried your way of marking those blogs with IBT>60 by rule engine, but I don’t want to sum these IBTs. Or let me explain it in another way: I want to sum up the IBTs of these users once they post the IBT>60 blog. I uploaded the aggregated data and marked some IBTs that I want to sum up.
Can rule engine or other codes can help me with that?

Hi @Alexiaiaa , @mlauber71 was asking for a sample file, not a screenshot. In addition to that, some rules need to be made clear e.g. what if there is only one row of data for a particular ID - and how will the calculation be applied to this special case based on its value?

Best of luck!


Hi @badger101 :grinning:
Q.xlsx (606.8 KB)
I uploaded an xlsx file of the data so that you can try it @mlauber71. I marked those blogs with IBT>60 and the last blog of each user, all I need is to keep the rows between “not sum” and “last blog”, and then sum up their IBTs.
About the rules, this table only contains users who post at least two times and each of them only has one blog with IBT>60.
BR! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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