sum of a column

Hello alltogether,
I am trying to get a output with a sum of one column.

What I did:
I used the value counter node to count how often a special Product is in the table.
I used the GroupBy Node to aggreate these values.
What I got are in the image 1 and image 2.

​What I would like to have is a output, like in image 3.

Can anybody give me a hint, to achieve that output ?


I almost figured it out by myself.

With the Column Rename node and the Concatenate Node I got the output in image 1

Is it possible to rename the Word: Row0 in this table (see image 1) ?



Use the RowId node directly after the group by with the new row name(Sum).

Best, Iris

Thank You Iris, but It does not work for me. ​

I can add a new row with the RowID-Node, but I cannot give the row a name.

I can only give a name to a new column.

Can You show me the rowid-node configuration, which You are thinking of ?