Sum of time type data

Hello guys can someone help me I would like to add the data of the 3 columns and the result of the sum would be in a new column in the format hours minutes and seconds, equal to all the other 3 columns

Hello @Moreiraxx,
Can you please explain what are you trying to achieve by adding three different times ?

Do you want the elapsed time from Column1 to Column2 ? I really don’t understand the final output that you want. But let me try this example, maybe is close to what you need.

It basically breaks down the duration of the difference (between the first time and the third time) into hour, minutes and seconds. Then it converts those values to a time column. I’ve created a manual table with different values to try some examples.

Please download the workflow so you can see the full example.

My output is the sum total of the columns, and I need it to be in the same format as hours, minutes and seconds

@Moreiraxx ,
sorry but I don’t get it. To me, it doesn’t make sense to sum different times. What would you expect from the sum of e.g. 10am and 3pm? Maybe you want to sum durations, that is time intervals, for example time spent thru the day by someone working? Please submit some example to clarify what these “times” are and what is the result you’re expecting to achieve


I made a sketch in excel for example of what I want to do in knime, all 3 columns are in time format

Column A Column B Column C Output(A+B+C)
11:19:47 11:19:59 10:00 ?
11:19:47 11:19:59 10:00 ?
11:19:47 11:19:59 10:00 ?

Why don’t you show us the expected outputs?


Sorry @duristef for the lack of information, now I put the complete example made in excel , but I need to replicate it in knime

Column A Column B Column C Output(A+B+C)
09:39:00 11:19:59 10:00:00 06:58:59
17:57:47 09:58:00 10:00:00 13:55:47
12:14:47 13:33:50 10:00:00 11:48:37

Ok, now I understand. Let’s take the first sum:
09:39:00+11:19:59+10:00:00 =06:58:59
This means:
if you sum these three durations you get 30h 58m 59s, that is 1 day + 06h 58m 59s
if you start at 09:39:00 on day 0 and you add 11h 19m 59s and 10h 00m 00s, you find yourself at 06:58:59 on day 1
Maybe this workflow will help you

KNIME_durations.knwf (11.5 KB)


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