sum positive and negative numbers ?

Hi, I am sure I must be doing something wrong but in a column of financial data i have numbers that are positive and negative, when i try to aggregate the column with the GroupBy the output is either 0 or -0.

I have converted the original column from String to Double as there are decimals. I see no errors or warning messages in the Console - Any ideas would be apprecaited
Thanks Mark

It is hard to know without context, but if you are looking at Journal Entries then they would by definition always net to zero because of the accounting principal of dual sided ledgers.

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Not ledgers, simply a set of inputs that are either positive (credits) or negative (debits) which when summed will let me know if I am above or below an expected budget.

I would have thought this was fairly normal


What’s your expected output? Because if I sum this manually via a calculator it results in zero, what @iCFO also referenced

Do you want to sum the credits and debits separately? Then you need another column to group on that outlines this or use a row splitter and then two groupBy nodes.

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