sumaion of rows


i have a dataset like this:

user id        movie1    movie2    movie3 ...................... movie n

1                  3                3            1                              0

2                  1                  2             0                              2

now i want to caclute sumation of each row :to find out user avrage raring

for example average for user 1 is : 3+3+1+0/n

and also an avrage for eache movie

avrage for ech movie is easy by math formula but the neumber of movies is enourmous how can i do what i am looking for?


did you try the column aggregator. It can calculate statistics on a arbitrary number of columns. 

Basically it is the transposed version of the groupby node.

Best, Iris 

thanks yea it worked

now i have 1 other question:

1-how can i count non zero columns in each record?(for avrage)